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Poe’s Law

Ever heard of Poe’s Law?

In summary, it states that it is very difficult to tell the difference between genuine extremism and satirical extremism on the internet without the inclusion of a smiley or some other indicator in the latter.

It’s fascinating. I’m reminded of this law constantly with some of the crap I come across online.

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Link: They 'may' have found the Higgs Boson

If you think you’re alive in a time when major discoveries are no longer likely, well suck it, because they are. Scientists at CERN have found a particle that fits the profile of the Higgs Boson. We’ll have to wait a bit before it is confirmed, but so far this is some pretty awesome news.

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Experiences > Things

I have to remind myself of this every time I come across a new kind of gadget that claims to revolutionise the way I clip my toenails.

The enjoyment I get out of travelling somewhere or even just having a nice chat to someone far exceeds purchasing an object.

Except of course if that object is an iPad :-P

What do you think?

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Link: Men in Black 3 reviewed in 3 words

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I have a Youtube channel on the go. At the moment I review the occasional film in 3 words. Eventually I may review them in more words.

The possibilities are endless…

men in black review film video

It Appears Spam Has Started Liking My Posts

Is this one step towards becoming a popular blogger, I wonder?

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Link: Oatmeal being sued, funny read

The back-story to this is quite comprehensive, but basically the lawyer for the original plaintiff is now suing the creator of the Oatmeal, for, among other things, allegedly drawing a picture of his mother having sex with a bear. I found it amusing anyway.

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Link: Sometimes xkcd likes to make you think

There are many more Exoplanets to find out there too. How many of those that we have found already are in the Goldilocks zone do you think? The mind boggles.

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Link: On Prometheus being anti-science

This post sums up my qualms about Ridley Scott’s latest science-fiction film far better than I can.

There are spoilers, so be warned.

I still cannot understand why the film’s biologist shits himself and runs when the team encounters a dead alien for the first time, yet for some reason wants to hug the worm-like face raping creature that spews forth from the tar-like substance about twenty minutes later.

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